Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mastering the Challenges of Spiritual Awakening, Growing Your Business, and Deepening Your Relationships

Spiritual awakening will be the first step to doing business in the future and if not the world will be doomed. If your still doing business from a place of self-centeredness and what’s in it for me, your missing the boat. If you haven’t noticed we are becoming interconnected through a global economy and unfortunately most Americans fail to recognize this. It is time to become more conscious of our interconnectedness with others, how we are doing business and wake- up. One of the new skills we will needed to succeed is the ability to think holistically rather than linearly. The The Enlightenment Intensive is a great way to awaken new understandings within you and become a leader in a new economy.

Greg Clowminzer
The Enlightenment Intensive

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