Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How I Made Over $15K With A FREE Merchant Circle Business Profile

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While most online marketing gurus are touting the use of social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube to launch the sales of your products and services I have been using a secret weapon virtually no one knows about. It’s called Merchant Circle.

You see in March of 2008 my wife and I became associates in a MLM company which I prefer to call it network marketing company just because I think it sounds better. We fell in love with the company and the product and saw a real opportunity to help people improve their overall health and wellness.

For the last 16 years my primary income has come from providing a service to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while making sure their life was in balance and that they were living their life on purpose based on their true values and their definition of success.

Over the years, as you can imagine everyone and their brother has tried pitching me on one type of business opportunity or another. In which case I have always politely declined. I was always told that I would be great at network marketing but I just couldn’t see myself bugging my family and friends and try selling them something.

As a business coach I was also concerned about building a sustainable business one that had staying power beyond a warm list of friend and acquaintances. I knew from personal experience that the life of any business boils down to the ability to consistently generate leads and to do it without spending a bunch of money.

If you want to know how I generated tons of free leads that have made thousands of dollars then keep on reading.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started all of this and am completely blown away from what I have been able to do with Merchant Circle and I feel almost obligated to share it with struggling entrepreneurs and small business owners.

So what is Merchant Circle?

Merchant Circle is like a MySpace for business owners plus a lot more.

Basically it is an opportunity to establish a web presence with other business owners and it allows you some really powerful tools like blogging which helps get you ranked high in Goolgle searches for free.

Again, I wasn’t clear of the power of Merchant Circle until I started playing around with it. I created a profile for my MLM business, started connecting with other merchants and posted a couple of blogs.

And guess what happened next?

I started to show up on the first page of Google for specific keywords about my business and yes all for free.

What happened next?

You guessed it.

My phone started ringing.

Yes, people started calling me to find out more information about my product.

It gets better.

People started calling me and wanting to purchase my product.

OK, there is something really important you need to know about my product.

It sells for just over $2000. That’s right $2000.

People were calling me to buy a $2000 product.

I got so excited I immediately upgraded my Merchant Circle account to one of their paid packages.

Again, I hear people talking about all kinds of other strategies for building your business but no one, I mean no one is talking about Merchant Circle.

It is the best kept secret in your online marketing tool box.

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Also, I started teaching my entire down-line these marketing trick and guess what, you got it, their phones are ring too.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day - How Does Fatherhood Change Your Life?

I am a first time father getting ready to experience my first fathers day. Although I am new to fatherhood I have been giving parenting advice for 16 years. What I have noticed is a parenting style where you put your child at the center of your universe to the exclusion of your own self-care leads to disaster. Also many new parents are often obsessed with being the PERFECT parent rather than enjoying parenthood.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Coaching Professionals From Being Loners To Building Strong Community

Entrepreneurs and professionals are often very independent and not at all connected with others. This causes loneliness, entropy and effort to grow. http://www.zencoach.com 

Monday, June 08, 2009

Tolerations - The Hidden Costs Of Being

Tolerations are those things that you put up with every day that distract you from other important things. Sometimes the underlying source of continued tolerations is to avoid taking full responsibility for particular circumstances in your life, but eventually you will recognize that this is in large part what is holding you back from achieving your goals. In handling the things you are tolerating, you free up time and energy to devote to a higher quality of life.  http://www.zencoach.com

Taking Control of Your Business Exercise

In his book, True Professionalism, author Alan Weiss writes: “The typical professional is working incredibly hard, often at a significant sacrifice to personal life. However, nearly half that effort is spent without producing concrete results.” Weiss strongly advocates that professionals plan how to use their time, in order to avoid the self-defeating impact of urgent matters overtaking those which have long term importance to one’s business.

How many of the following questions can you answer “yes” to? Place a check mark next to those items.

  • I know how and where I am spending the time in my practice.
  • I have business and marketing plans which inform my decisions and actions.
  • I maintain a calendar or other tracking system for holding myself accountable for
  • my business and marketing plans and actions.
  • My practice operations systems are streamlined for maximum client responsiveness
  • and administrative efficiency.
  • My time is properly allocated for practice development, service delivery and practice
  • operations.
  • My practice is a “waste less zone”, in which every action I take is value adding in
  • one or more of the three practice management areas.

What did you discover from taking the quiz above?

Where are your opportunities for improved practice management?

Anyone in business or private practice can greatly benefit by this exercise

1. Write down on a separate piece of paper the number of hours you expect to work over the coming year in your business on a weekly basis.

2. Multiply that number by the number of weeks you expect to work (considering vacations, holidays, and personal days, this number will typically be less than 52 weeks). This number will be the number of hours in the year you will work in your business.

3. Now, write down the number of billable hours you expect to have in a typical week. You can also trend forward your actual experience for the past six to twelve months.

4. Multiply this number by the number of weeks you will work during the year. This number represents the total practice delivery hours you will have in the year.

5. Next, write down the number of hours you expect to handle routine administrative work in a typical week; e.g. billing, maintenance of client files, correspondence, organizing the office, etc.

6. Multiply this number by the number of weeks you will work during the year. This number represents the total practice operations hours you will have in the year.

7. Now, add your practice delivery hours and your practice management hours together, and subtract that total from the total number of hours you expect to work during the year.

8. The number you get represents the total number of hours during the year available for practice development - developing new business for your practice.

Do your math below:






What did you discover as a result of doing this exercise?

What are the opportunities to enhance your management of the three practice arenas by being more planful about your time?

What gets in the way of your being planful, or executing your plans?

What commitment is required to ensure that you do not sacrifice one or more practice arenas?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What is the Clean Sweep Program?

You have more natural energy when you are clear with your environment, health and emotional balance, money and relationships. The Clean Sweep Program consists of 100 items which, when completed, give you the vitality and strength you want. For your FREE copy contact Greg Clowminzer at 760-930-9604