Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ideal Coaching Canidate Screening

Are You An Ideal Coaching Candidate?

1 Do you own your own business?

2. Do you offer a commission or fee based professional service?

3. Does your annual business income or commission/fee exceed $100k per year?

4. Do you have trouble balancing your work and home life?

5. Are you having difficulty with key relationships?

6. Do you find there are not enough hours in the day to get things done?

7. Do you feel like you could use more support then you currently have?

8. Do you have personal or health goals that just don't seem to get off the ground?

9. Have you longed to be on a more spiritual path?

10. Have you ever been divorced?

11. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

12 Have you ever considered changing your business or profession?

13. Do you have a difficult time communicating or relating to others?

If you answered yes to 5 or more of the above questions you may be an ideal coaching candidate.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life Coach Model

1. Clear Your Past

2. Get To Know Your True-Self

3. Know What You Really Want

4. Live Purposefully

5. Master Basic Skills

6. Open To The Divine

7. The Great Awakening

Deep Reflection, Lasting Change - A Model For Self-Change

Reflection begins when you pick something that you would like to work on and self-reflect. This can be something that you are struggling with, something you would like to understand better, or something that you are natually wondering about. My two favorite inquiries are "Who am I?" and "What do I really Want?".

Choose something to work on



Stay Open

Awaken To The Truth




Repeat with reflection

Reflection generally begins when one of two conditions are present 1) a crisis emerges or 2) a deep desire exists.

Crisis Model

1) Reflecting on a crisis one begins with self-honesty and the inquiry "What really happened here?"

2) Next one focus's on self-discovery "What do I really want?"

3) Next one explores self-awareness "Why don't I have what I really want?"

4) Next phase deals with experimentation "What is an action I could take or a decision I could make?"

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Top 10 Reason Why People Don't Get What They Really Want

Last weeks discussion we talked about about "The Top 10 Reasons Why People Don't Have What They Really Want". I thought you might like to take a look at what we talked about.

1. They focus on what they don't want vs. what they do want.

2. They've never really stopped to ask themselves "What do I really want?"

3. They don't feel safe enough to tell the truth about what they really want. There is a major fear of consequence if they told the truth.

4. What they want is really a should, could, or ought to. In other words it's probably someone else's want and not genuinely yours.

5. Missing key life skills which means most of their time energy and resources are going towards putting out fire vs making any really progress towards their desired outcomes.

6. Missing appropriate language and communication skills in order to get what they want.

7. Lack of personal awareness often leaving one clueless as to why they are not getting what they want.

8. Too comfortable, no sense of urgency to get going, unwilling to change, grow or develop.

9. Wants to be right about something rather then get what they want.

10. Still being ruled by ones past which means poor ability to be with the present. Mantra is "I don't know what I want" and often falls victim to the wants of others, life and circumstance.


11. Won't ask for help.


1. Self-Reflect on the inquiry of "what do I really want?" This is not a mere question to be answered but an inquiry. An inquiry is dynamic and may change from moment to moment. Your ability to stay open to the truth of what you really want is a skill worth learning and will act as an internal self-correcting navigational system that leads you towards living your life authentically from your true-self.

2. Ask three people if it would be OK if you ask them something. Once you get their permission, give them the following instructions "tell me what they really want" and then watch what happens. Help them stay with it by prompting them with "what else?" see if you can get them to go 4-5 layers deep as you press for the deeper truth of what they really want.

PS. We will be meeting again this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and I hope you will consider joining us.

Residential Coaching Intensive

Residential Coaching Intensive with Greg Clowminzer

Coaching Intensives are designed to help you step back from your life in order to gain clear perspective of where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go next on your journey through life. The coaching intensive focus's on two major inquiries "What do you really want?" and "Who are you?". The coaching intensive is a unique personal, professional, and spiritual development program employing a powerful communicating and relating technique known as dyads.

The communicating and relating dyad process is a formal self-improvement communication excersise that helps you achieve success and happiness within the framework of your highest truth by increasing your ability to know yourself and what you really want.

Residential Coaching Intensive take place at the home of Greg & Monika Clowminzer which is located in San Diego’s North County coastal community of Carlsbad California. The coaching intensives are residential which means you eat, sleep and live on-site. This provides you with the support, guidance and advice you need in a confidential setting for whatever you are facing. It gives you new information and perspective while helping you respond to your own intuitions and choice. The coaching intensive provides a context or a touchstone in which to undertake personal growth projects for improving your life.

How to begin: Call for an initial interview. These are free of charge. We will discuss your situation and you may ask any questions you have. Arrange for an initial interview by calling 760-930-9604.

Dates & Cost: Call for scheduling, available dates and pricing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life Coach For Hire

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach helps you focus and explore the fundemental question. "What do I really want?"

A life coach works with individuals who are interested in maximizing their personal and perfessional effectiveness. Life coaching is particularly valuable for people wanting to discover or rediscover a sense of passion, purpose, and vitaility in their lives.

Individuals have come to realize that in order to be at their very best, they must master basic skills, increase their personal awareness, and acquire the language neccessary in order to perform at their highest capacity.

Hiring a life coach offers insights and tools that indivuals are able to implement imediately in their lives.

Would you like to learn more?

Call for an initial interview. These are free of charge. We will discuss your situation and you may ask any questions you have. Arrange for an initial interview by calling Greg Clowminzer at 760-930-9604.

Greg Clowminzer is a Life Coach who has been studying and practicing not only martial arts and meditation but also shamanic healing arts, tantra, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 15 years – and by now should know to keep his mouth shut – but has too much information he wants to share with you in order to transform you into a total master of living a life of true happiness - one that you can operate effectively in a cool and sexy way in today’s modern world.

Thursday Night Group

Have you been feeling stuck, need a change or just want to try something new?

The Thursday Night Group is a community of like-minded people who participate in an on-going discussion based on the inquiry of “What is happiness? – How to find it, keep it, and live it?

Each week there is a fresh topic to help individuals in their pursuit of true happiness. So, if you want to surround yourself with positive, cool, and sexy people, come join us on a Thursday evening.

Location: San Diego North County Coastal.

Interested in joining us?

Call first to discuss your interest, get your questions anwsered, and get directions: 760-930-9604

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