Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Residential Coaching Intensive

Residential Coaching Intensive with Greg Clowminzer

Coaching Intensives are designed to help you step back from your life in order to gain clear perspective of where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go next on your journey through life. The coaching intensive focus's on two major inquiries "What do you really want?" and "Who are you?". The coaching intensive is a unique personal, professional, and spiritual development program employing a powerful communicating and relating technique known as dyads.

The communicating and relating dyad process is a formal self-improvement communication excersise that helps you achieve success and happiness within the framework of your highest truth by increasing your ability to know yourself and what you really want.

Residential Coaching Intensive take place at the home of Greg & Monika Clowminzer which is located in San Diego’s North County coastal community of Carlsbad California. The coaching intensives are residential which means you eat, sleep and live on-site. This provides you with the support, guidance and advice you need in a confidential setting for whatever you are facing. It gives you new information and perspective while helping you respond to your own intuitions and choice. The coaching intensive provides a context or a touchstone in which to undertake personal growth projects for improving your life.

How to begin: Call for an initial interview. These are free of charge. We will discuss your situation and you may ask any questions you have. Arrange for an initial interview by calling 760-930-9604.

Dates & Cost: Call for scheduling, available dates and pricing.

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