Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Finally, Someone That Can Help You Grow Your Business and Love Your Life.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?
Are you stressed out and working long hard hours?
Are you going through a difficult time and feel all alone?
Are your priorities in life changing?

Would you like to gain practical tools, get powerful results and master life’s challenges?

My name is Greg Clowminzer and I am a Business and Life Success Coach. Which means I teach entrepreneurs and professionals how to work less, make more money and do what they love.

I have been coaching since 1994 and have coached hundreds of people towards business and life success.

Are You Ready?

To create the quality of life that you really want. Take control of your precious time. Attain a superior level of financial security. Find true meaning. Discover the feelings of happiness that have been so elusive.

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You Can't Buy Happiness

We’ve all heard that you can’t buy happiness, but how many of us live as if this were true? I think a lot of people have given up on the pursuit of happiness and settle for things. Deep down we know that things can never make us truly happy yet will still keep reaching for more in the hopes that the next thing will make us happy. So each day we pull out our list of desires and start chasing the next thing. We settle for more and more things, which gives us an intoxicated feeling of temporary happiness. And when the desire is satiated we are off chasing the next thing. This process of desire and craving and getting what you want and then losing what you have is the definition of sufferng. All happiness that is gained is followed by unhappiness.

Who is Zen Coach?

Greg Clowminzer is Zen Coach a Self-Realized spiritual teacher and life coach who has been studying and practicing not only martial arts and meditation but also shamanic healing arts, tantra, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 20 years – and by now should know to keep his mouth shut – but has too much information he wants to share with you in order to transform you into a total master of living a life of true happiness - one that you can operate effectively in a cool/sexy way in today’s modern world.

Happiness is...

Happiness is awakening to the question "Who is happy, who is unhappy, who lives, who dies?"

True happiness is uncaused, arising from the very nature of being itself. We seek happiness only when we are asleep to our true nature- dreaming that happiness is over there, some where else. But we are all already what we are seeking. Buddhas seeking Buddhas. Ha! How ridiculous.

Acknowledging Unhappiness

I believe that all of us are seeking happiness and yet so much of our time, energy and resources go towards the exact opposite, those things that ultimately can never bring us long-term happiness and are the source of much of our disappointment and misery. I think it take a pretty big person to acknowledge that they a not happy in today’s success oriented world. For many to admit unhappiness is to admit failure which couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, it is one’s ability to look unhappiness in the face that allows for the door of happiness to open.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Theme: True Happiness

I have been giving a lot of thought lately into the whole idea around happiness. A funny thing began to happen. The more I have inquired into what true happiness is the happier I find my self. I have also realized how easy it is for me to get way off track in the success game thinking that more of something will actually make me happier in some way. It is so easy to get caught up in THE SOMETHINGS MISSING GAME and if I were just able to get IT whatever IT is that is missing I would be happy. I know logically happiness is an inside job I mean I get it I am sort of enlightened but I found that I started to settle. You know what I mean by settle. The nice house, the sports car, the motorcycle, the lifestyle all the little desires that temporarially satiate me and make me happy. I mean I know better these are all the external prompts that have nothing to do with my true happiness. So I ask myself "Greg if you know so much about true happiness why do you get so far off track?" because I have begin to settle. And settling is good for know one least of all myself. You see happiness is both the simplest and yet most difficult path to live. It takes a commitment often daily of making happiness my number one priority.