Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deep Reflection, Lasting Change - A Model For Self-Change

Reflection begins when you pick something that you would like to work on and self-reflect. This can be something that you are struggling with, something you would like to understand better, or something that you are natually wondering about. My two favorite inquiries are "Who am I?" and "What do I really Want?".

Choose something to work on



Stay Open

Awaken To The Truth




Repeat with reflection

Reflection generally begins when one of two conditions are present 1) a crisis emerges or 2) a deep desire exists.

Crisis Model

1) Reflecting on a crisis one begins with self-honesty and the inquiry "What really happened here?"

2) Next one focus's on self-discovery "What do I really want?"

3) Next one explores self-awareness "Why don't I have what I really want?"

4) Next phase deals with experimentation "What is an action I could take or a decision I could make?"

To be continued...

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