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Enlightenment Intensive - Who Am I?

Enlightenment Intensive - January 2009

Enlightenment has been spoken and written about for a very long time by mystics, religious founders, yogis, Zen masters, and more or less ordinary people who have happened to stumble onto it in the course of their journey through life. Whether in ancient times or modern, there is a consistency in their reports of the special and indescribable nature of the event, the priceless penetrations into reality, the abiding inner peace that remained to some degree afterwards.

Through the Enlightenment Intensive, you can be navigated more easily through this inner world by a form of partner-assisted meditation in a dyad structure. The Intensive uses the ancient meditation practice of contemplating a question such as "Who am I?" or "What is Life?" and combines it with the more modern approach of communicating what occurs as a result with a partner. The aim is not merely to have interesting experiences or come up with new intellectual answers to these questions, the aim is to break through into Enlightenment.

After 3 days of being in this inquiry, many people go home more in touch with themselves and better able to relate authentically with others. Drinking deeply of the tonic that is the simple spoken truth, many experience a freeing up of new energies for living life on a more real and satisfying basis. Many experience levels of inner peace and stillness of mind that they have never known. And for some, something even more extraordinary takes place: the striking breakthrough into enlightenment; a unique condition of direct, conscious experience that reveals our ultimate nature in an instant of penetration.

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Testimonial from Debra
I am writing this as a different person from who I was a week ago. A week ago when I walked into the Enlightenment Intensive I was a jaded, skeptical person who didn't believe in much of anything except the love I felt for others and the love I received from others in my life. Funny I just wrote "the love she had" as if this person was someone else and not myself - which I guess "she" no longer is. I spent most of my life going through the motions, living such a busy life that I never stopped to think about who I was. Well on my way in, I checked the skeptic at the door and after just 3 days something profoundly amazing happened - I opened my heart, cried, laughed and experienced the deepest truth of who I am. I am living proof that life can change overnight - I am now feeling larger than life and can't wait to share this energy and love with the world. I recommend the Enlightenment Intensive to anyone who wants to slow down and finally smell the roses and feel something powerful and spiritual beyond belief. Greg and his staff were incredible every step of the way - they provided energy, love, laughter and service with unending attention and open hearts to allow us to be free to experience our journey with no distractions. Thank you Greg and all who were there to help me open my heart and find truth. What a humbling experience to be in your presence.

Peace and Love, Debra

Testimonial from Shelly
There are really no words to express my gratitude to you for helping me see the light within myself. I feel like I have been given the gift of LIFE again. I am alive where I was once asleep.

Thank You,


Testimonial from Cari
My life is forever changed after attending the Enlightenment Intensive. I am a complex canvas which life has painted with many colors, but in my path I choose to hide the colors and only share the blander, safer side....after going through the weekend truly contemplating who I am and connecting to that honestly and openly and having the most beautiful connections with others, I am aware of the true beauty of all the colors within me and am prepared to share them with the world! This experience challenged me in ways I cant explain, and there were times I thought I couldnt make it through, I couldn't get into who I am and be honest....but with Greg's support, and the support of the whole staff, the open hearts and love from the others, I made it, and I am a truly changed forever.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Testimonial from David Henry
It Happened Own The Way Home
I was 30-minutes or less from leaving the retreat and not the least bit focused on the technique. I felt complete with the intensive and made peace with not having a direct experience this time. I was glad to be able to set my mind free and let it wander. I knew I'd be back again in search of truth.

I was reflecting on my experiences over the weekend and thinking about what to tell a friend of mine that would inspire him to attend. The words, "It was everything I ever wanted" came to mind. A second or two went by before something dawned on me. "It" wasn't the intensive. "It" was the direct experience I was having at that moment. Tears of joy and love were streaming down my face.

There were no words to describe it. I tried to open my mouth several times and say something or utter a sound, but couldn't get anything out through the emotion. Its enormity and vastness were overwhelming ... not in a frightening way ... I felt an overwhelming goodness. At some point I mumbled the words, "God, it is soooooo huge".

I was conscious of love. It wasn't anything like the feelings I'd labeled as love in the past ... it was so deep, so boundless, so completely filling... so...

I became conscious of the mountains in the distance and could see it everywhere. It was the mountains, the trees, it was in the air. It was everywhere. All around me. Coursing through me. I burst into laughter as I remembered Greg saying that truth was closer than the end of my nose. I laughed for a while over that one.

Then I became conscious of the other drivers around me. How can they not know? Can't they see it? Glimpses of a world where people KNEW popped into my head and tears of simultaneous joy and sorrow began to flow.

I don't remember when the direct experience ended and I was back to me thinking about the experience. But throughout the day I experienced numerous little aftershocks. A single note in a song and a glance at a mountain were enough to bring back the flow of tears or the laughter. I remember wondering to myself if I had gone insane. I laughed out loud at the thought because I felt more sane in that moment than looking back on my life before the experience.

I'll end this reflection now, but this is only the beginning.


David Henry

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