Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happenings of Greg Clowminzer

Dear Friends,

I am very excited about a few new projects I have been working on and I hope you will take a moment to read through and consider one or more of my current offerings for either yourself or someone you know.

With Love and Gratitude,


1. Greg's Thursday Night Group
2. Notes From Last Week
3. The Great Awakening 3-day Residential Retreat
4. Residential Coaching Intensive

1. Greg's Thursday Night Group

Dates for Thursday Night Group

January 12, 19, 26
February 2, 9, 16
March 2, 9, 16
Time: 7:00 pm

Have you been feeling stuck, need a change or just want to try something new? The Thursday Night Group is a community of like-minded people who participate in an on-going discussion based on the inquiry of “What is happiness? – How to find it, keep it, and live it? Each week there is a fresh topic to help individuals in their pursuit of true happiness. So, if you want to surround yourself with positive, cool, and sexy people, come join us on a Thursday evening.

Location: 6351 Alexandri Circle, Carlsbad, CA 92011
Got Question? To have your questions answered call 760-930-9604.

2. Notes From Last Week

Last week we had a lively discussion on desire and how it relates to ones happiness or unhappiness. Everyone was asked to create a list of desires for 2006 in the following three categories.

1. Who do you want to be this year?

2. What do you want do this year? and

3. What do you want to have this year?

See if you can come up with at least 10 things in each of the 3 areas. Then find someone to share your list with or join us Thursday night and share your desires with the group.

Whether you join us this Thursday or not I encourage all of you to do this exercise now.

3. The Great Awakening 3-day Residential Retreat
Dates: March 24,25,26
Led by Greg Clowminzer

"Every one of us desires to be awake. Every one of us desires to live from deeper authenticity. We all want to be more real as well as to have relationships that are more real."

The Great Awakening is a residential group retreat for those who seek a pure awareness of self or reality, a moment of that state of direct experience traditionally known as self-realization, satori, or enlightenment. 

Over three days of non-stop, self-exploration, participants of the retreat work on a question such as "Who am I?" The aim is not to find some great 'answer' or great feeling, but to directly experience for oneself, within oneself, the actual truth -- whatever that may be. 

The retreats are designed to support each participant in seeking their own experience of truth entirely through their own efforts. There are no spiritual teachings or philosophical discussions about what that truth could be or should be. Instead, the format simply immerses all participants in a process of inner discovery. A simple technique is taught that combines open self-inquiry with partnered communication exercises. It is a safe, well designed and an extremely powerful process that makes sudden awakening possible for a good number of people in as little as three days.

What will you get and come away with?

• A renewed sense of self, getting in touch with your core. It will help you make decisions based on what is right for you and not just your egoic tendencies.

• A feeling of being alive in your own living truth. So often we are living other’s truths. Our parents Truths, society’s expectations, our false or shallow motives. Feeling your real self helps you live true to your own direction. True to your own character.

• You will have more authentic strength and courage to act from and pursue what is genuinely good for yourself.

• A release from your mind’s traps. So much of what we go for is based on our mind’s traps. Our mind traps us into compromising truth for a pale replacement of what our life is meant to be.

• When you awaken (illuminate) then you will naturally gain distance from your mind. Your mind will not go away, yet you will be able to cultivate a deep sigh of distance from the mind (ego) distractions. This allows you to make decisions from your authentic illuminated self so clarity and peace and true passion guide your daily steps.

• Being understood more fully, Do you feel that people don’t get you fully. They don’t really get your essence or don’t understand you and your core fully enough?

• You will learn how to get yourself and your truth fully across to others so they get you! This is worth the effort of the workshop itself.

• By learning the powerful and simple methods of real authentic truth, sharing your life heart will feel unburdened. Not being understood is a heavy and painful feeling which accumulates over time, turning our passion and deadening our vitality.

• Learn to find, share and speak your truth responsibly so as to liberate deeper and revive/refresh all your important relationships.

Dates: March 23,24,25,26
Location: San Diego (specific location TBA)
Suggested Offering: $495.00 Receive early bird registration and pay only $395 if you register before February 15th.
How to Register: Call for an initial interview. These are free of charge. We will discuss your situation and you may ask any questions you have. Arrange for an initial interview by calling 760-930-9604.

4. Residential Coaching Intensive with Greg Clowminzer

How It Works

Coaching and Clearing takes place in a one-to-one setting for the purpose of assisting you with issues of your own choosing. They help you in navigating the inner turmoil that comes with a stuck condition in life or a difficult transition such as a traumatic incident, a sudden loss, or a major change of lifestyle. Once your attention is freed from current issues, Coaching and Clearing also increase your ability to know yourself, respond to others and forward your goals in life. In broad terms, the aim of Coaching and Clearing is the recovery of your personal energy, power of choice and ability to relate. What emerges from this process is who you actually are, with the ability to live, love, create and progress.

Spiritual Coaching addresses issues related to your spiritual growth. This form of coaching recognizes that there are natural stages in our lives that involve spiritual seeking and different types of spiritual experiences. It recognizes that this process can sometimes be accompanied by a lack of language to describe what is happening, divine insight and revelation, an awakening passion for truth, or a growing dissatisfaction with normal life. Spiritual Coaching addresses problems such as the search for spiritual connection, unresolved matters relating to early spiritual education, and the challenges connected with being associated with a spiritual group. Spiritual Coaching accepts that these issues go beyond the confines of many normal therapeutic processes and must be understood in a deeper spiritual context.

Residential Coaching Intensive take place at the home of Greg & Monika Clowminzer which is located in San Diego’s north county coastal community of Carlsbad California. The coaching intensives are residential which means you eat, sleep and live on-site. This provides you with support, guidance and advice in a confidential setting for what you are facing. It gives you new information and perspectives while helping you respond to your own intuitions and choice. The coaching intensive provides a context or a touchstone in which to undertake personal growth projects for improving your life.

How to begin: Call for an initial interview. These are free of charge. We will discuss your situation and you may ask any questions you have. Arrange for an initial interview by calling 760-930-9604.

Dates & Cost: Call for scheduling, available dates and pricing.

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